Enroll in citizenship makeup course

All “U’s” must be cleared in order to:

  • Graduate from High school- All “U”s must be made up and paid for prior to graduation.
  • Compete in any UHSAA sanctioned activity or participate in designated school extracurricular activities.

Clearing a U

A "U" is not cleared until all make-up is completed, all fines are paid, and required paperwork is given to the Citizenship Secretary.

Citizenship make-up credit is ONLY available through Syracuse High School and can ONLY be signed off by SHS Administration, Citizenship Secretary, or assigned Citizenship Class teacher.

The following U Make-up options are available for students:

  • Attend two hours of Titan Time. Advanced registration and pre-payment is required. Students MUST bring a homework or a book to read. $10 fine assessed.
  • Complete a two hour Canvas Course. Contact an administrator or the Citizenship Secretary to enroll in the course. $10.00 fine assessed.
  • Create a contract with SHS administration. The SHS Administration reserves the right to implement citizenship contracts as determined, which may include GPA improvement, attendance improvement, credit recovery, or pre-approved service projects (typically four hours per ”U”). $10.00 fine assessed.
  • Students may be given the opportunity to recover citizenship through the issuing teacher prior to the “U” being recorded IF the individual teacher has a citizenship recovery policy. In this case, no “U” would be issued and no fee would be assessed. If the teacher does not have a citizenship recovery policy, the student will not be afforded this option. ONLY the teacher that would be issuing the “U” can allow the student to recover citizenship credit prior to the “U” being recorded.

Citizenship make-up credit cannot be banked.

Students must clear all “U”s prior to game/activity day in order to compete in any UHSAA sanctioned activity or participate in designated school extracurricular activities. Citizenship make-up will NOT be accepted on the day of an event/game. All athletes must report make-up progress to the Athletic Director upon clearing U’s.

If you have questions please call or email Amanda Johansen at 801-402-7929;

Class of 2023 U Makeup Deadline

All Seniors wanting to walk at graduation need to have all U's and makeup work completed by May 12, 2023.