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Syracuse High School Graduation Information


Last update: March 27, 2019

Graduation is May 31st from 1:00-3:00 pm @ The Dee Events Center in Ogden.

Watch Graduation Online

Rough Draft Version of the Program

More information to come.

Directions to the Dee Events Center and Arena Information

Directions to the Dee Events Center from Syracuse High School


What Graduates Need to Bring

Graduates need to bring their cap, gown, tassel, and name card.



No tickets are required for graduation.  Meaning, everyone can come and enjoy the ceremony.  So, invite your friends and family and let's fill the Dee Events Center in support of our Syracuse Titans! 

Graduation Practice

Graduation Practice is Tuesday, May 28th from 8:15 - 9:30 am.  Graduation Practice is only for graduating seniors.  Parents need not attend.  The Scholarship Recognition Assembly is right after graduation practice and time for the transition from Graduation practice to the Assembly will be adequate.  

Lineup: 8:15 - 8:30 am outside of the auditorium. 

          Odds towards the office. 

          Evens towards the choir room.  

Practice and Information: 8:30 - 9:30 am 

Name Cards

Please remember to bring your name card with you to graduation. This card will be the card your name is read from. It will be the card the photographer uses. It also will make sure you are in the correct order for graduation. Your name card will be included with your cap and gown.

Caps and Gowns

You can find information about caps and gowns through Josten's Website.

Seniors who have turned in their "golden ticket" to their counselors will receive their caps and gowns May 23rd and 24th. 


Lifetouch Photography will be taking pictures of you as you graduate. They will get your information at graduation practice. You can find more information at https://events.lifetouch.com/

Line Up

Graduation is a wonderful time for families and communities to unite and celebrate the academic achievements of high school seniors.  At Syracuse High School we are honored to be a part of this important event.  We also want to emphasize that graduation is a recognition of academic achievement.  With their cap and gown, students may wear the following: school chords, pins, medals, and cowls that represent their accomplishments with school classes, school clubs, and school service learning opportunities.  For this reason, we do not allow students to wear other items with their cap and gown during the graduation ceremony.  Families are welcome to add items with a family or cultural significance for taking pictures outside the Dee Events Center after the ceremony.

You should be dressed and at the tunnel of the Dee Events Center by noon.  The tunnel is just across from the field house and ice rink on the northwest side of the Dee Events Center. It is expected that you will be in graduation dress code and in graduation order by noon. Sensible shoes can make your graduation experience much more enjoyable. The seating assignments are very specific and go by the number on your name card. If you try to walk out of order, you will not have a seat inside the arena. This will be embarrassing. Please be where you are supposed to be. This will help speed things up and help your family find you so that they can enjoy graduation with you.

o    No jeans or shorts

o    No tennis shoes or flip flops

o    No formal wear

o    No tank tops or halter tops

o    Nothing added to your cap and/or gown (no messages, toys, etc)

o    No leis or non-academic SHS sanctioned regalia (Only your white NHS stoles, honor cords, pathway medallions, 4.0 scholar medallions, Sterling Scholar medals, NHS stoles)

o    Girls may wear skirt/dress or slacks 

During the Ceremony

During graduation, graduates are not allowed to use their phones. Appropriate behavior is expected by graduates and their families. Noise-makers or distractions of any kind are not allowed as they slow down the saying of names and make it nearly impossible for every student to have the “moment” each graduate and family has earned and deserves. We have almost 700 graduates and we anticipate that the ceremony will take approximately two hours.   


Students will be assigned a seat in alphabetical order for the ceremony.  When they receive their cap and gown, they will be given a card with their name and a number on it.  They should line up in that order and the will be announced in an "odd" or "even" alphabetical order.  The "odds" will be announced from the left of the stage/podium, wheras the "evens" will be announced from the right.   The following seating chart will help you predict your student's location during graduation.  Empty seats will be filled in by students, so don't be surprised if your student is a seat or two off from their "assigned seat." 

There is not assigned seats for the spectators, so the same chart can help you and your family plan ahead.  Patrons with specials needs, like wheelchair access, are encouraged to be early to the ceremony. 

The links below can help you predict where your graduate will be seated BEFORE their name is announced. 

Seating Chart


Diplomas will be available AFTER the graduation ceremony. Students will be directed to the appropriate area (just outside the tunnel), where they will find their counselor. Counselors will have your diplomas. Parents and family are NOT ALLOWED in this area and should wait for graduates on the sidewalks surrounding the Dee Events Center. Graduates should make arrangements with friends and family on where they want to meet AFTER they have their diploma.  

Returning Gowns

Graduates will be returning their gowns following the ceremony.  Graduates will keep their caps and tassels.  Those who would like to take pictures following the ceremony will be allowed to do so.  Jostens will have a collection area in the parking lot, just outside the tunnel.  You will have approximately 30 minutes, after the ceremony, before the gown needs to be returned.

Please be sure that you remove any regalia from your gown before you turn it into the boxes.  

Newspapers/Online Broadcasts/Online Programs

Each year, graduate names are requested from The Davis Clipper and The Standard Examiner.   

All-Night Graduation Party

More information to come.


Graduation questions can be asked of most teachers, counselors, administration and even Senior & SBO officers. If they cannot answer your questions, they will be able to guide you to someone who can. Don’t be nervous… no one is going to let you accidentally go the wrong way or anything like that!! You can also email Mrs. Muir at jumuir@dsdmail.