U Make up Information


All “U’s” must be cleared in order to:

  • Graduate from High school- All “U”s must be made up and paid for prior to graduation.
  • Compete in any UHSAA sanctioned activity or participate in designated school extracurricular activities.

Clearing a U

  • Fines must be paid, make-up completed, and paperwork turned in to the Citizenship Secretary for “U”s” to be cleared.
  • Make-up hours cannot be banked.
  • Citizenship make-up credit cannot be banked.
  • Citizenship make-up credit is ONLY available through Syracuse High School and can ONLY be signed off by SHS Administration, Citizenship Secretary, or assigned Citizenship class teacher.
  • Students must clear all “U”s prior to game/activity day in order to compete in any UHSAA sanctioned activity or participate in designated school extracurricular activities. Citizenship make-up will NOT be accepted on the day of an event/game. All athletes must report make-up progress to the Athletic Director upon clearing U’s.

The following U Make-up options are available for students:

  1. Titan Time class is a 2 hour class after school from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm. Advance registration with the citizenship secretary and pre-payment is required. Students MUST bring homework or a book to read. $10.00 fine assessed.
  2. Tutorial- If a student passes tutorial both terms in the semester they can use this to clear 1 “U”. A $5.00 fine would be assessed.
  3. Attending school sponsored events can clear a “U”. How many U’s is based on the number of hours spent at the event? Events include: The Hope Walk, March of The Titans, Winter Service Fundraiser, blood drive and the Davis Dash (and others as they come up throughout the year.)
  4. Parent Teacher Conferences. You can attend Parent Teacher Conferences and visit with all of your teachers. You need to get your midterm signed by each teacher saying you were there and turn your signed midterm into the Citizenship Secretary. This can clear 2 “U’s”. A $5.00 fine per “U” will be assessed.
  5. Contract with Administration may be offered- The SHS Administration reserves the right to implement citizenship contracts as determined, which may include GPA improvement of .5, credit recovery, or SHS service projects ( 4 hours/per “U” on limited occasion that there is a school need for student service) $5.00 fine will be assessed.
  6. If you are receiving any form of any mental health counseling/therapy and can provide a doctor’s note, you can clear 1 “U” for every 2 hours of counseling. A $5.00 fine will be assessed for every “U” cleared this way.
  7. 4 hours of service in the SHS Special Education Summer School Program. Must be pre-arranged with Extended School Year Teacher. $5.00 fine will assessed per “U”. Contact Kim Ricks for more info.
  8. Students may be given the opportunity to recover citizenship through the issuing teacher prior to the “U” being recorded IF the individual teacher has a citizenship recovery policy. In this case, no “U” would be issued and no fee would be assessed. If the teacher does not have a citizenship recovery policy, the student would not be afforded this option. ONLY the teacher that would be issuing the “U” can allow the student to recover citizenship credit prior to the “U” being recorded.


If you have questions please call or email Ashley Maddox at 801-402-7929; amaddox@dsdmail.net