Syracuse continues to grow in student population. This growth comes with many benefits and challenges. One challenge is student parking. We do not have the parking space available to accommodate all our students. For this reason, we will continue to limit parking to juniors and seniors only.

As we prepare for this growth and consider ways to ease parking pressure, we have implemented a new parking permit policy. Starting this fall, juniors and seniors will need to make up all “U”s prior to purchasing a parking permit. In addition, permits will not be sold to students with outstanding parking fines. This new policy will ease parking pressure and help students meet graduation requirements.

Any sophomore caught parking on school grounds will receive a citation and may lose future parking privileges. All vehicles parked on school property must apply for a permit with the school and must properly display a current hang tag in the front windshield. The cost of a parking permit is $5.00 per semester. 


Those that choose to purchase a hang tag agree to the following conditions:

  • Purchasing a hang tag does not guarantee a parking space.
  • A student may NOT purchase a new parking pass unless they have paid for any previous citations.
  • SHS is not responsible for any damages caused to, or property stolen from a student vehicle parked at the school.
  • Any juniors or seniors that purchase a hang tag for a sophomore will have the hang tag revoked, lose the privilege of purchasing a future hang tag, and will receive a citation.
  • The hang tag must be placed on the rear-view mirror, with the parking pass number facing the front of the vehicle and it must be visible. Placing the pass on the dash will not be accepted. 
  • Even if the student has purchased a pass, if they fail to properly display the pass, they will receive a citation.
  • Students must remove their vehicle from the Driving Range by 2:30 pm EVERY DAY. Failure to do so will result in a citation, booting or towing.
  • Students must park in unmarked stalls located in the north, east and west parking lots.
  • Staff parking stalls are marked “STAFF”. Parking in these stalls will result in a citation.
  • The south lot is staff and visitor parking only.  Parking in this lot will result in a citation.
  • Students may not park in “DAY CARE DROP OFF” stalls. Parking in these stalls will result in a citation.
  • Students parking in a HANDICAP stall or FIRE LANE (red curb) will be given a $25.00 PARKING FINE, may be booted or towed, and may receive an additional ticket from Syracuse City.
  • Each citation will result in a $15 fine.
  • After 3 parking citations, violating students will receive an Administrative “U”.
  • After 4 parking citations, violating students will have their vehicle booted (boot fine is an additional $20).
  • After 5 parking citations, violating students will have the vehicle towed at their own expense.
  • If a citation is not paid within 10 school days of when the citation was issued, a $10 late fee will be added to the citation.
  • Any student involved in the creation or use of a fraudulent parking pass will receive an administrative “U”, may lose all future parking privileges, and may be referred to law enforcement for prosecution.
  • A new parking hang tag must be purchased each semester. (Different in appearance)

Parking Permit Application