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Scholarship Coordinator: Emily Sorensen
Available in the Counseling Center Monday-Friday from 9:00am-1:00pm

Do you want to make an appointment?
1- Sign-up on the schedule located on the Scholarship Desk in the Counseling Center
2- Email: emsorensen@dsdmail.net
3- Call Mrs. Sorensen (801) 402-8010

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Study for/take/re-take the ACT test
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Apply! Apply! Apply!

DSD Scholarship Database
Scholarships may be searched by pressing CTRL + F (Windows) or Command + F. 
Then type in the desired search word(s).

Featured Scholarships

Monthly Scholarship packets are listed by their DEADLINE date.
Most scholarships are open weeks/months before that date, so don't wait to apply!

November Scholarships

(You can also pick up a paper copy of these "Monthly Deadline" scholarships
in the basket on the Scholarships cabinet in the Counseling Center.)

There are often scholarships posted in this section that are not included
in the packets, so check back often.

UTECH Scholarship
Davis Tech now offers an exciting opportunity for high school seniors approaching graduation, as well as recent graduates. This waiver would provide funding for tuition, fees and books for up to 12 months following high school graduation, even if you have yet to start at Davis Tech. *Excludes Cosmetology, Esthetician, Master Esthetician, Nail Technician, Hair Designer, Plastic Injection Molding, and Phlebotomy Programs.

For Utah Scholarship
Full Tuition & Fees
The For Utah scholarship is a new opportunity to have your University of Utah tuition and fees fully paid! If you are interested in going to the U and meet the eligibility requirements, apply for admittance and FAFSA today! The deadline has been waived for this year.


***Daniel's Scholarship Fund       Deadline: November 15
Scholarship Value: Varies
This scholarship is for students in UT, NM, CO, and WY who demonstrate exceptional character, leadership, and community service. Must have at least a 3.0 GPA, ACT of 18, and have a family income under $85,000.  Must have a recommendation so don't wait!

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge           Deadline: November 22
Scholarship Value: Please read details
This is an opportunity for selected 11th grade student throughout Utah to attend the 2019 Spirit of America Youth Conference at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Students selected may choose from two sessions held on March 7-10 or April 11-14, 2019. Each student will participate in a four-day conference for high school students from across the country to interact with college professors and historical interpreters. The program also includes tours of Valley Forge, Independence Hall, Constitution Center, and the Liberty Bell. Semi-finalists will be invited to participate in an interview with Freedoms Foundation Board members in Salt Lake City or Gunnison. Students will be required to pay $400 of the total estimated cost of $1,200. The Utah Freedoms Foundation Scholarship Fund will cover the remaining costs of the conference.
*Please see Mrs. Sorensen in the Counseling Center for more information and applications*

***Utah JumpStart Scholarship Contest (UTAH)          Deadline: November 30
Scholarship Value: $1,250(3)
Looking for creative, engaging video entries that capture the important principles of preparing financially for college while keeping debt to a minimum. This is a local scholarship with local winners...don't miss it!


December 1: Priority Admission Deadline for Westminster College, Priority Scholarship Deadline for Weber State University (CE students make your status switch!) and Southern Utah University.

***FRA Americanism Essay Contest       Deadline: MUST BE emailed or Postmarked by DECEMBER 1!
Grades 7-12
Scholarship Value: $1,000-$5,000
Write an essay not to exceed 350 words titled “What My Vote Will Mean to Me”. Click here for rules. Local winners are forwarded for competition at the regional level and regional winners compete for national prizes. Mail or email your essay AND COVERSHEET to Tiffany Gregory at Branch 185 tiffanyanne.sawyer@outlook.com or 4598 S. West Park Dr. Roy, UT  84067

Comcast Leaders & Achievers   Deadline: Dec 6
Scholarship Value: $2,500 (800+)
For students with commitment to community service, outstanding qualities in character, integrity, and leadership. Must have a minimum GPA 3.0 and demonstrate financial need. Application is open now and considered as they are received so don't wait to apply!

Regents' Scholarship
If you have a 3.3 GPA, at least a 22 ACT and have taken the right courses in grades 9-12 then it's time to apply for this scholarship.  The application is open now and PRIORITY DEADLINE is December 6.


***Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships and Tuition awards for outstanding CTE students in Utah. There are a large number of participating institutions and 127 scholarships/awards available! Applicants should work with a school counselor and a CTE teacher when completing the application. (Pay close attention to the Application Scoring and Preparation tab. This information lets you know how the application is graded and what essay questions need to be answered during the application process.) It would be a good idea to type your answers to the essay questions in a Word document and save the document. When filling out the application, you can then copy/paste your answers into the application but you will need to complete the application in one session, which means you are not able to save your progress and finalize later. It would also be wise to have all documentation saved to a folder on the desktop or a storage device for easy upload to the application. The documents required for the application are:
*Letter of Recommendation from a CTE teacher
*Letter of Recommendation from another teacher, counselor, administration, etc.
*Signed, unofficial transcript with all CTE courses highlighted
*All CTE skill certifications and industry certifications. These need to be scanned individually and uploaded separately. ​​​

Applications are due electronically on January 31, 2020. No application will be considered if submitted past this date.

Where to Find Scholarships

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Another great resource about Paying for College can be found here.

College & University Scholarship Websites


FAFSA: Free Application For Federal Student Aid

FAFSA Website

Create a Federal Student Aid ID

There are three types of federal student aid:

  • Grants—financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid (unless, for example, you withdraw from school and owe a refund)
  • Work-study—a work program through which you earn money to help you pay for school
  • Loans—borrowed money for college or career school; you must repay your loans, with interest

What do I need to file my FAFSA?

  • Student's Social Security Number
  • Student's W2 Form
  • Student's 2018 Federal Tax Return (if applicable)
  • Parents' Social Security Numbers
  • Parents' Date of Marriage, Separation, or Divorce (if applicable)
  • Parents' W2 Forms
  • Parents' 2018 Federal Tax Returns

Which Parental Information Should I Use?

  • Are you living with both parents? You will need both parent's information.
  • Are you living with one parent, or split your time between two parents? You should use the parent's information with whom you live most of the time.
  • Do you live without your parents or have other circumstances? Make sure you have any documentation.

To Create a FSA ID:

Both you and a parent need to create a Federal Student Aid ID and a password to sign into FAFSA electronically.  YOU AND YOUR PARENT WILL BE USING THIS USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO LOG INTO AND SIGN YOUR FAFSA EVERY YEAR THROUGH COLLEGE.

  • Go to FSA ID
  • Create a username and password and enter your email address (do NOT use your school email account because you will lose access to it after graduation!). Write down your username and password and keep it where you will be able to find it.
  • Enter your name, date of birth, social security number, contact information, and challenge question and answers.
  • Review your information.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Confirm your email address using a secure code, which will be sent to the email address you used. Once you verify your email address, you can use it instead of your username to log into your FAFSA.

All of this information is also on a reference sheet in the stand by the Scholarship Desk in the Counseling Center.


EDGE Scholarship-WSU

Concurrent Enrollment EDGE SCHOLARSHIP 

Make your "Status Switch" from CE to WSU student by DECEMBER 1!

  • Complete 12 or more credit hours of CE courses in high school
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on all CE course work
  • Must enroll at Weber State University after high school
  • See above link for more information

Regents' Scholarship

Regents' Scholarship Information

PRIORITY DEADLINE- December 6, 2019

FINAL DEADLINE- February 3, 2020

Don't forget to request your transcripts to be sent online or from the Main Office.

For more information concerning the Regents' Scholarship please see their website.  Also, Regents' representatives can be reached by email and phone for more questions. regentsscholarship@ushe.edu (801-321-7159)

Please note:  Regents' applicants are required to complete the FAFSA.  However, a student does not have to qualify for federal financial aid to receive the scholarship. Regents may only be used to cover tuition and fees.

***Key changes to this program for the Class of 2020 are:
The Regents’ Scholarship can now be used at institutions in the Utah System of Technical Colleges, but not at private institutions (Brigham Young University, LDS Business College, and Westminster College).

T.H. Bell Teaching Scholarship

T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Scholarship Program


The T.H. Bell Scholarship is for those intent on entering the teaching profession in Utah. It can be used at all public or private institutions in Utah that offer an approved program including Brigham Young University, Dixie State University, Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, Southern Utah University, University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Western Governors University, and Westminster College.

Awards distributed after July 1, 2019 are scholarships.

Awards prior to July 1, 2019 are forgivable loans (Changes: This program was previously the T.H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program, but in accordance with  House Bill (H.B.) 188: T.H. Bell Program Amendments(External Web Content) passed in the 2019 legislative session, the program is now a scholarship and administered solely by the  Utah System of Higher Education (USHE)(External Web Content).)


The Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program transitioned to the T.H. Education Scholarship Program on July 1, 2019. 

The T.H. Bell Education Scholarship Program aims to recruit first-generation students into teaching, encourage outstanding students to work in high-need fields, and recognize teaching as a critically important career in Utah. The scholarship can be used at public or private higher education institutions in Utah that offer approved programs: Brigham Young University, Dixie State University, Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, Southern Utah University, University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Western Governors University, and Westminster College.

T.H. Bell Scholarships may be for up to the cost of resident tuition, fees, and books, and may be received for up to four consecutive years. Recipients must study in an approved teacher preparation program or in an approved program that prepares an individual to become a speech-language pathologist or another licensed professional providing services in a public school to students with disabilities.


Undergraduate and graduate students who meet required academic standards, are enrolled in at least six credits, intend to apply to and complete an approved program, and intend to work in a Utah public school are eligible to apply.

Scholarship priority:

  1. first-generation students who intend to work in any teaching field or licensure area;
  2. students who are not first-generation, but intend to work in a teaching field or licensure area where there is high need;
  3. other students who meet the requirements of the scholarship.

Contact an eligible Utah higher education institution for more information on the application process and deadlines. (Brigham Young University, Dixie State University, Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, Southern Utah University, University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Western Governors University, and Westminster College)

Centennial Scholarship (Early Graduation)

The Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation program is a partial tuition program which allows for high school graduation to be flexible and appropriate to meet the individual students' needs.


Any public school student is eligible who has:

  • A Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP) on file
  • Has indicated to the secondary school principal the intent to complete early graduation
  • Has completed all required courses or demonstrated mastery of required skills and competencies
  • Has graduated from a Utah public high school is eligible.


To receive scholarship funds, a student must: graduate early from a Utah secondary institution, enroll within one calendar year in an eligible Utah post-secondary institutions.

Post-secondary institutions accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges are eligible. A student must begin using funds as a full-time student and for tuition only within a calendar year of high school graduation.

Scholarship Funds

  • Junior Year: $1,000
  • First Quarter of the Senior Year: $750
  • Second Quarter of the Senior Year: $500
  • Third Quarter of the Senior Year: $250


  1. In consultation with the student's parent or guardian and school advisor, student develops a SEOP and indicates to the secondary principal the intent to complete early graduation at the beginning of the ninth grade year or as soon thereafter as the intent is known.
  2. Upon graduation, student obtains Centennial Scholarship for Early Graduation certificate from high school counselor.
  3. High School Principal verifies that student's early graduation and signs certificate. Original certificate kept by students. Additional copies made for school and district records.
  4. Student enrolls full time in eligible post-secondary institution and presents certificate to registrar.
  5. Registrar verifies student enrollment, completes, signs, and seals certificate. Original copy is sent to Utah State Board of Education (USBE).
  6. USBE verifies information, approves funding, and issues funds. Funds are sent directly to the post-secondary institution in the student's name within 4-6 weeks.
  7. Any funds remaining unused when student leaves the post-secondary institution are returned to USBE.

New Century Scholarship (Graduate HS with Associate Degree)

New Century Scholarship

Graduate from high school with a minimum GPA of 3.5 AND complete an associate degree earning a 3.0 GPA from an eligible Utah Higher Education institution by the date you graduate from a Utah high school.

Deadline to Apply is February 1, 2019

***Changes to this program for the class of 2020:
The New Century Scholarship can now only be used at Utah’s public colleges and universities that grant bachelor's degrees, not at private institutions (Brigham Young University and Westminster College.) This scholarship may only be used to cover tuition and fees.

Questions? 801.321.7221 • newcenturyscholarship.org • newcentury@ushe.edu

Bridge Scholarship-Davis Tech

High School Summer Bridge Scholarship

Scholarship for graduating high school seniors currently attending Davis Technical College. 

"The Bridge Scholarship program provides scholarship funding to High School Senior’s for the summer after High School graduation. The program is primarily intended to allow students attending while in High School an opportunity to finish their program during the summer. Funding is only available from June to August. Students must specify their intended schedule at the time of application and are only funded up to that level. Priority is given to High School students who attend the College while in High School and those who can complete their program during the summer. Students need to be making satisfactory progress and attending adequately to qualify for these funds."

Bridge Scholarship applications are available after the High School Senior Scholarship. Deadline (March 10)

Other Opportunities

Weber State University Purple Carpet Events
For prospective Students Wednesday, November 20, 9:00am-12:00pm

Utah State University Campus Events

University of Utah Science Day Saturday, November 2
University of Utah Engineering Day Saturday, November 23
University of Utah West Africa Program
Summer learning abroad experience for high school students in Ghana, West Africa. The program offers high school freshman-seniors the opportunity for a three week trip in Ghana with a stop in Paris. Students can earn three college credits from the University of Utah. The program will run from June 6 – July 2, 2020 in Kpong, Ghana. There is a Program Info Sessions on Sunday, Nov. 24th, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Office for Global Engagement located at 260 Central Campus Drive, Room 3105, Salt Lake City, UT 84112. Skype will be available to participants that cannot make the appointment in person.

Southern Utah University Campus Events

Snow College Campus Events

Westminster College Undergraduate Preview Day  Saturday, November 9
Register online by Tuesday, November 5

Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge    DEADLINE to apply: Friday, November 22
The Utah Chapter will provide the opportunity for selected students to attend one of three sessions (Mar 5-8, Mar 12-15, or Apr 16-19) of a 4-day conference for high school students.  The program includes tours of Valley Forge, Independence Hall, Constitution Center, and the Liberty Bell. The student cost is $400 with the remaining costs (approximately $1,200) being covered by the Utah Freedoms Foundation Scholarship Fund. Any interested students can pick up more information and applications from Mrs. Sorensen in the Counseling Center.