Scholarship Types

*Students must have applied and been accepted by the college to be considered for the following scholarships*
  1. Scholarships are based on student’s GPA and ACT score (index number)
  2. Index numbers for scholarships vary in each college and for each award. (Apply for everything)
  3. The types of academic scholarship awards are honors either full or part tuition.
  1. Scholarships awarded in several areas such as music, dance, marching band, arts, forensics/debate, newspaper staff, rodeo and varsity athletics.
  2. Each department has individual criteria.
  3. Applicants should complete a scholarship application and make arrangements with department heads for auditions.
  4. Amounts for talent scholarships vary.
  1. Scholarship for students who have shown outstanding leadership in high school and the community.
  2. To receive full consideration, it is anticipated grades be above average.
  3. Students should be prepared to serve on leadership committees.
  1. Scholarships are awarded to students excelling in specific areas who show potential for academic success in a chosen major.
  2. Students apply to their chosen department.
  1. Most schools offer scholarship money to Regional and State Sterling Scholar winners.
  2. Most schools offer scholarship money to students who have achieved National Merit winner status which is determined by a score on the PSAT/NMSQT.
Most general scholarships require the following criteria
  1. At least average ACT score and GPA
  2. Community Service such as Youth Community Council, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, elderly assistance, disaster relief, hunger and homelessness, community improvement (document hours carefully). An original project is highly considered.
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities such as officer in National Honor Society, class or student body officer, officer in a club or organization on campus, captain of an athletic team, editor of the newspaper or yearbook etc.
  4. Work Experience: documented work hours related to career goals.