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·       Titan Library is a gathering place to promote access to information, materials, and services for all members of the school community.

·       We exist to support the needs of the school community while also providing a space to seek knowledge, encourage creativity, and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

·       We believe that our library should be engaging, active, inquiry based, provide access to media technology, and promote literacy.

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Reading Resources


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Student login:  Student email and pin #
Teacher login: Encore username and password


Below is a list of great online sources to help you find great reading ideas!



Let Mrs. Johns create a personalized list of books for you to read based upon your interests.  Click on the link below and fill out the survey form.  Mrs. Johns will send you a list of books created just for you!



Click on the books below to request specific titles for Titan Library!

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Research Resources


Use a Data Base

Use this Data Base to access credible research information.  You will find reference sources, magazine articles, newspaper articles, academic journals, primary sources, images etc.  Click on the link below.   Login information for home access can be provided by your librarian.
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In the library catalog use the DESTINY DISCOVER tab as a one-search for research.  It will find books, ebooks, data bases, and open educational sources for your research topic.  Click on the link below

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Below is a list of academic search engines that you may want to try!  

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Cite Your Sources

If you use our Library Catalog or Utah's Online Library Data Base you will find the citation already done for you.  For all other sources use Citation Machine to help guide you.

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Click on the link below to access online MLA formatting guides and student plagiarism checklists

MLA General Format


Calendar & Reservations

The library is a community space and the library stacks, computer lab, and conference rooms are available for the school community to use and enjoy.

  • Reservations can be made for meetings, lessons, presentations, group activities etc.

  • Please email the librarian to reserve any of the library spaces


Library Information

Library Information

Library Policies

District Library Policies & Site Specific Applications

(Revised 8/13/2018)



Davis School District Library Policies

Titan Library follows the Davis District Library Policies and Guidelines.  See the links below for details.

·       District Library Policies & Guidelines can be found on the district library media page linked below:






Mission Statement

& Library Purpose

·       The Titan Library is a gathering place to promote access to information, materials, and services for all members of the school community.

·       We exist to support the needs of the school community while also providing a space to seek knowledge, encourage creativity, and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

·       We believe that our library should be engaging, active, inquiry based, provide access to media technology, and promote literacy.





Reading Philosophy

·       We strive to provide a balanced, diverse collection of books for a broad range of readers, ages, and interests.

·       Not every book is appropriate for every reader.  It is up to patrons to choose books that are appropriate for them and to self-censor their own reading.

·       We celebrate the rights of the reader to choose to read, or not read, a book.







Collection Development

·       Books and library resources will be purchased on a monthly basis as determined by the yearly budget plan and in accordance with our Acquisition Policy.

·       The Librarian, along with input from patrons, is responsible for the selection of new materials for the library.

·       Our collection will include Picture Books, Audio Books, High Interest and Curriculum Nonfiction.  We will also purchase Fiction Books selected from Middle Age, Young Adult, and Adult titles with teen appeal. 

·       We serve students from 15-18 years of age and will provide a diverse range of reading materials to fit all levels of student interests and developmental maturity.









New library materials will be selected in accordance with the following criteria:

·       Does the item support curriculum?

·       Does the item fulfill teacher, student, or community needs?

·       Does the item support our school goals?

·       Is the item relevant, reliable, and current?

·       Does the item encourage reading for pleasure and match student interests?

·       Does the item fit with our Collection Development plan?

·       Is this title part of our Essential Collection?

·       Is this item of high literary quality?  (Determined by professional book reviews)

·       Does this title represent diverse and multicultural perspectives to help maintain balanced views in our collection?

·       Is this item an award winner, high interest, popular title, or required to complete a series?

New releases may be purchased in trade bindings, all other books will purchased in library binding when available.




Weeding & Inventory

·       Inventory and weeding are necessary to keep our collection current and relevant.

·       Informal weeding will take place continually throughout the year as needed.

·       Formal Inventory will take place bi-yearly, alternating between fiction & nonfiction.

·       Items missing at the end of the school year will be marked as lost and then removed from the system after the summer.





·       Used books in good condition may be evaluated and accepted in accordance with our Acquisition policy.

·       Unsuitable donations will be politely turned down, or used for library prize give-a-ways.

·       Cash donations can be made in the school office.




Book Requests

·       Library patrons and members of the school community may request books to be purchased for our library.

·       Book request forms are available in the library, or on the library website and should be turned into the librarian for consideration.

·       Book requests will be considered in accordance with our Acquisition policy and purchased as budget permits.




Parental Restriction

·       Parents are encouraged and welcome to be involved with their child’s reading selections.

·       As stated in the District Library Policy, “A parent desiring to restrict their child’s access to specific library books or materials shall submit the request in writing to the library professional at the school the child is attending.




Challenged Library Materials

Occasionally the content of Media Material may be questioned.

·       All concerns should be brought directly to the librarian’s attention in a timely manner.

·       Often parent concerns can be addressed by working with the librarian to restrict their own child’s access to specific library materials if needed.

·       If further action is desired, we will follow the district policy in place for formal reconsideration of library materials.




Library Advisory Committee

·       A Library Advisory Committee consisting of the librarian, an administrator, parents, teachers, and students will be established to assist in library selections, promotions, and decisions.

·       This committee will give advice on selection, library policies, and provide feedback on curriculum and school needs.

·       Members may also serve on the Evaluation Committee to assist with the reconsideration process if needed

·       2018-2019 Members will be:

 Shannon Johns (teacher librarian)

Kristi Mortensen (library staff)

Shandra Floyd (teacher)

Kim Hensen (teacher)

Megan Crouch (teacher)

Mark Pendleton (administrator)

              Dan Evans (parent)

              (TLAB student if needed)






In addition to promoting books and managing the library, the library teacher will oversee AP research students each class period, teach an online CE research skills course for SHS students, and collaborate with other teachers to provide instruction and support in the following areas:

1.     Individual departments curriculum and Desk Standards

2.     Library Literacy and Research Desk Standards

3.     The use of multiple forms of media technology.

4.     Skills to promote life-long learning




Library Operational Guidelines

Daily Operational Guidelines & Programming

(Revised 8/13/2018)



Hours of Access

The library is open and available for patrons to use and enjoy during the following hours:

·       Monday – Friday 7:15am – 2:45pm

   Open during late start

   Open during lunch

   Open for computer use only during Tutorial with a signed pass

   Open for book checkout & computer use during class with signed pass








All members of the school community may checkout library materials.

·       The online catalog may be accessed online through the district or library website,  or by using the library search computers

·       Patrons may check out up to 5 books at a time

·       Library materials are checkout for 3 weeks with a 5 day grace period

·       A reminder email will be sent out to students the week before their book is due

·       Books may be renewed or put on hold at the circulation desk

·       Students will be notified when holds arrive via email and holds will expire after 5 days if not picked up.

·       eBooks & audio books are available through the library online catalog, through link on the library website, or through the Overdrive app.  Students log in using their student email and pin number, faculty use their Encore login information.






Over-due Materials

After the 5 day grace period, a late fine of $.10 per day, per item will accrue with a $5.00 max overdue fine per overdue book

·       Students may check out one book at a time if they have an unpaid library fine

·       Students may be given an alternate method of working off their fine if they are not able to pay

·       Overdue notices will be emailed to students and their parents monthly until the fine is paid.

·       Fines can be paid in the school office, or online through myDSD.  




Lost-Damaged Materials

Lost or damaged books should be reported to the librarian right away.

·       Damaged or lost materials will be charged the cost of replacing the item plus a $3.00 processing fee.

·       Lost books found within one month of payment may be reimbursed







All students have the right to use the library as long as the following expectations are met:

·       Respect the library space, furniture, and materials

·       Respect the property, person, and space of other patrons using the library

·       Use a calm and appropriate voice and energy level.

·       No food or drink







·       Students may use library computer lab at any time for research or other academic purposes.

·       Online gaming is only allowed in designated areas of the computer lab during open library times and must be school appropriate, non-weapon games.

·       Teachers may reserve the library computer lab for class use using the online lab reservation form

·       Students may visit the library during class to use the computers for up to 30 min. if they have a signed note from their teacher

·       Students may use their own devices at any time in the library







Titan library provides student access to hands-on STEM activities and kits. 

·       STEM kits can be accessed during lunch and open library TIMES.

·       Kits cannot be taken from the library by students but can be checked out and reserved for one student for up to 3 weeks

·       Teachers may checkout STEM kits to use in their classroom






The library is a community space and the library stacks, computer lab, and conference rooms are available for the school community to use and enjoy.

·       Reservations can be made for meetings, lessons, presentations, group activities etc.

·       Please contact the librarian to reserve any of the library spaces.







The teacher librarian is available for faculty or student instruction to help support literacy, technology, research, and curriculum needs.

·       Students or teachers may schedule a small group or 1-1 mentoring time focused on book selection, reading engagement, writing, literature, study skills, research, multimedia presentations, or technology

·       Teachers may schedule to bring their classes in for instruction on specific research skills, or in collaboration with classroom research

·       Teachers may schedule a time to bring their classes in for book talks focusing on a specific theme, topic, or genre





Library Clubs & Activities

Titan Library provides opportunities for students to get involved with the library.  Parents and faculty are also welcome to join in any activity.


·       Titan Library Book Club

This club is a social gathering for students who love books and reading.  The club meets monthly to discuss great books, favorite authors, and what’s new and trending in the book world.  Book Club is open to any student.  The $10.00 membership fee includes a T-shirt, book give-a-ways at every meeting, treats provided at every meeting, a special winter luncheon, extended book checkouts and library privileges.

·       TLAB: (Teen Library Advisory Board)

This is a leadership opportunity for students who want to help plan library activities and promotions.  TLAB will meet monthly or biweekly during lunch.  TLAB members will receive free membership to the book club.

·       AP Research in the library:

Students with 2 or more AP or CE classes are eligible to sign up to for a study time in the library as one of their elective classes.   Classes are capped at 10 students per class period.

·       Titan Titles:

Students who need help finding books to read can sign up to receive Titan Titles.   This is an individualized list of suggested book titles hand selected by the librarian to align with student’s individual interests. 





Library Incentives & Promotions

Titan Library strives to get the school community excited about books and reading using a variety of methods and as scheduled by the librarian and TLAB.

·       Rotating weekly table displays focusing on different book genres, topics, and current events

·       Rotating monthly promotions to engage students and get them excited about the library.

·       Student interactive contests and promotions based about literary pop culture & current events.

·       Current and relevant book recommendations and displays around the library.

·       Interactive weekly trivia, library challenges, and contests

·        Faculty contests and promotions


Library Social Media & Communication

Titan Library will communicate and promote the library through a variety of methods.

·       Our website provides updates, information, and links to the online catalog and research sources.

·       Our Facebook page and Instagram account (SHS Titan Library, #shslibrarylife) provide weekly updates & relevant information.

·       Weekly emails will be sent to patrons with library notifications

·       A Monthly Faculty Newspaper will be distributed to update and inform faculty members about library news, research tips, and technology ideas.

·       A Parent newsletter will be sent out each semester



Library Daily Schedule

Titan Library is open from 7:15 am - 2:45 pm for the following activities:

-Before School:  Open Library

-Late Start:  Open Study Hall

-Class Time:  Class Reservations, AP Research, Student Access with Pass

-Tutorial:  Student Computer Lab (with pass) 

-Lunch:  Open Library

-After School:  Open Library


Library Programming

Titan Library runs weekly and monthly student activities, contests, and promotions as listed below.  See the library homepage for specific dates and information!










Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards


Library Clubs

Student Clubs & Library Classes


Meets the last Friday of each month in the library classroom 

A gathering of students who love to read.  No book is assigned- read what you want!  During meetings we discuss great books, favorites, authors, and what's trending in the book world.  Registration forms are available in Titan Library.  $10 dues are paid in the office and help pay for book give-a-ways, club t-shirts, an annual luncheon, and refreshments at each meeting.


Meets every Tuesday during lunch in the library classroom

This is a student led club focusing on building writing skills through student led discussions.  Opportunities for peer review and sharing individual writing pieces will be provided.  $10 dues are paid in the office and help pay for a writing journal for each student and a publication of student work at the end of the school year.


Meets every Wednesday during lunch in the library classroom

This is a student led club for poetry lovers.  Meetings will alternate between poetry writing activities and student poetry readings.  $10 dues are paid in the office and help pay for a writing journal for each student and a publication of student work at the end of the school year.


Meets Thurs. during lunch and every 1st and 3rd Wed.  after school 

GSA is a gathering for students of all identities to meet new people, hang out, and have fun in a relaxed, safe and welcoming environment.



Applications are available during the 1st term of each school year.  Members meet bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.  See Mrs. Johns with questions.

2019-2010 Important Dates                         ServiceLogForm                           Bylaws

       New Member Application         Returning Member Form           Meeting Excusal Form

Click here to see a copy of the member requirement spreadsheet



*Remember you must have 80% attendance (12/16 scheduled days) to be considered a member in good standing at the end of the year.

  • Seniors members of 2 years or more in good standing graduate with NHS honors

  • Sophomores & Juniors in good standing will have their membership continue next year


  • Wed. Nov. 13th:  Service Project- blankets for Primary Children's Hospital
  • Wed. Oct.  23:  Recycling
  • Wed. Oct. 9th:  New Member Induction & social
  • *Wed. Sept. 25:  NHS RECYCLE DAY after school in the library
  • *Thurs. Sept. 26:  Special Ed Dance (7-8 set up, 11-1 dance- sign up in the library!)
  • Extra Service Opportunity:  MATH NIGHT


(Teen Library Advisory Board) Meets every Monday during lunch in the T-LAB office.

A Student leadership position in the library.   These students help plan fun student activities in the library.   Applications available during the month of September in the library

Sterling Scholar Information

Sterling Scholar Dates to be aware of:

Tues. October 1 @ 2:30pm:  General Informational Meeting

Friday October 25:  Applications due by 2:30pm (turn in to department representative listed below)

Oct. 28-Nov. 1:  Department Interviews/Deliberations

Monday Nov 4th:  Department winners announced- pick up your envelope from  library during lunch

Nov 11th @ 2:30 pm:  Mandatory meeting for all Sterling Scholars Nominees and their parent/guardian in the library

Department Representatives:

·        English:  Cheney

·        Visual Arts:  Batt

·        Speech/Theatre: Detweiler

·        Instrumental Music:  Wayman

·        Vocal Performance:  Wayman

·        Skilled & Tech. Sciences:  Stokes

·        Mathematics:    Wheeler

·        Family & Consumer Sciences:  Veigel

·        Dance:  Powers

·        Business & Marketing:  J Hess

·        Social Sciences:  Berrong

·        World Language:  Henson

·        Computer Technology: Mattison

·        Science:  Bowden

*Visit the Sterling Scholar official website for more information



Sterling Scholar 2020 Application

General Information

Library Classes


AP Directed Research is a course designed for students who have a rigorous academic schedule (at least 2 AP/CE classes) and could benefit from having some flexible scheduling in their day to allow for extra study time and support from the Teacher Librarian.  This is a graded, advanced placement class and students are held to high expectations.  Students in this course must be self-directed and able to work independently.  See Mrs. Johns our your counselor for details.

Class Disclosure

Class Expectations & Rubrics


Video Information

Read an overview of the District Video Policy here

District Approved Video Sources for Teachers

Safari Montage (log in using your district credentials)

eMedia (log in using your UEN username and password)